Colin Wilson – Former international Table Tennis player, now Performance Coach, Consultant and Commentator

April 27, 2020

Winning without losing; Enjoying sport;  From riding a bike to international Table Tennis Player; Competing with the Best in the world; Transitioning from being an Athlete;  Bouncing back from illness; Coaching your own child to high performance standards; Parental influence on sport performance and talent development; Appreciating the performance Journey; Building a sports business; Business Athlete principles; Importance of financial security, and so much more!—-more—-

Such a wide ranging and informative conversation with Colin Wilson. Colin would like nothing more than to help others and is very open in what he shares. There are not many people in sport that have had the breadth and depth of experiences that he has.

Colin is a deeply experienced and skilled developer of senior leaders, coaches and athletes – and their systems. Originally a table tennis player with over 100 England Junior caps, a European Youth Bronze medal and two senior Commonwealth Silver medals, Colin then coached England teams at Women’s Men’s, Girls and Boys level. He moved seamlessly into corporate management consultancy and has provided culture change in global IT, banking and FMCG. In sport he has been working with athletes and their coaches to Olympic level since 1999, working with National Junior and Senior Coaches in over 20 Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Colin now acts in business as a qualified Supervisor of executive coaches, mentors, and organisation consultants with a particular interest in psycho-traumatology. He still coaches table tennis, taking players from beginner to international level.  Recently an interim CEO in the adult social care sector, he teaches mentoring for the British Equestrian Federation and mentors for the football Premier League. His technical background is in economics and statistics.

I am confident that you will both enjoy what he has to say but as importantly you will take something from it. Some inspiration, some motivation as to how to win without losing or just the recommendation of a great book!

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Show Notes:

Success Quote or saying:

“Winning without Losing!

Books that you would recommend

Leadership Team Coaching by Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith
Power of Full Engagement by James Loehr
Winners and other losers in War and Peace by Arnold Arnold
How to multiply your babies intelligence by Glenn Doman

Most useful and or valuable Technology you use (apps, equipment etc…)

  • Zoom
  •  Flip Chart (Low Tech)

How do you relax and re energise yourself to enable you to perform at your best?

  • Values connect – remove myself and take some quiet time

If you won the lottery how would you spend your winnings?

  • Pay off debt and mortgage
  • Put money away for 2 years and take time to think how to create good

In one sentence – What advice would you give to your teenage version of Yourself?

  • Get advice 5 years earlier and get into the adult learning principles as early as possible – in a simple way

People that have impacted on me.

  • Peter Hirst

Whos’ Sport Story would you be really interested in hearing?

  • Roger Federer
  • Dave Collins (Sport Psychologist)

The coaching questions I would like to pose based on reflections from the Conversation

Contact details:


What do you believe to be true that may not be helping you?


Who could you ask to help challenge some of these beliefs and assumptions?

To find out more about what Colin does and why then make contact via the following:






@ColinWilson62     @busathlete



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