Eboni Usoro-Brown (Nee Beckford-Chambers) – England and TeamBath netballer, solicitor, wife and mum

March 29, 2021

The determined journey to the top of her game! International netballer, solicitor, wife and mother and so much more. A fantastic insight into Eboni’s journey so far. The positive impact sport has had on her and the ‘teachings’ she has taken are clear to see.  I just loved it when she said…

“I did not know sport would be such a tool in shaping my career on and off the court, and the lessons I would have learnt from it. It was the vehicle to the successes I have had in my life.”

Listen in and hold on as there are so many gems in this high energy, determined and focussed discussion.

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Success quotes or sayings:

Put your best foot forward. Give yourself the best opportunity

Dis-heartened and disappointed after ‘commiserations’ from early trials

I asked the coaches what I needed to do to improve my performance,

My grandfather was always in search of a better life

Mother and grandfather say – education is key!

Mother instilled values and mindset – a Beckford never fails (presented in a fun way not a pressured way!)

You have to find a way….and quickly as the momentum mat otherwise shift

My early teachings have aided me in the career I am now in – I am a strategist.

I didn’t know sport would be such a tool in shaping my career on and off the court, and the lessons I would have learnt from it. It was definitely the vehicle to the successes I have had in my life

Take learning from every setting – early lessons helped me with goal setting.

I write it down and keep it clear – no excuses. I tell myself everyday I can achieve it. Positive affirmations.

Self-belief to balance and juggle things – going to be hard but can do it!  Self-belief build and developed through sport

My self-belief has grown over time.  Bumps in the roads.

I have 2 different personas – on and off court.

Every situation is a positive situation if I take the learning from it!

Bumps in the roads – ACL and shoulder dislocation

I set goals to get through the lows/bumps. Having small measurable targets.  Mini rewards

The disappointing moments have fuelled my self-belief and passion

Don’t get to far ahead of yourself and be process driven

You don’t have to lose to learn

Things drive me everyday…as a performance sportswoman and solicitor

  • Goal setting
  • Draw on my support network.

Being comfortable being uncomfortable

Commercial litigation – strategy, competition

Energy is fun! I see the fun coming from the competition which provides energy

Going again after pregnancy!  I don’t do things by half.

The pandemic and family allowed me to slow down – gave me a mental break. I always knew I wanted to comeback as some more to give.

The female body is amazing – but it is now hard and I’ve gone back to basics.

Having a purpose each and every day.

Having had a baby my priorities have definitely changed. I have so many identities and roles.

My goals and ambitions have not changed – I may need to execute them in a different way.

I want to be the greatest role model to her!


Quick fire questions:

In one sentence – What advice would you give to your teenage version of yourself?

To see everyday as an opportunity. Enjoy challenge and believe in that!!

‘I can do it!’ – set out what and why.

See everything as a process – towards success!


Who has made a big impact on you?

1.      Mother/Husband and wider family

2.      Coaches and National Gov. Body (Ann Stembridge/Jess Thelby/ Tracey Neville)

3.      Athletes that have gone before me


Whos’ Sport Story would you be really interested in hearing?

Naomi Osaka

Serena Williams



Coaching questions I would like to pose:


How do you currently goal set and what could you do to have more success in achieving your goals?


If every situation provides and opportunity to learn – what have you learnt about yourself and your surroundings in the last week to help you progress positively?


Contact info:

Insta – Eboniusorobrown

T – Eboni Usoro-Brown (nee Beckford-Chambers)  – @EboniBChambers

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