Emma Brunning – Head Triathlon Coach, People Developer and Founder of Activblu

October 12, 2020

“Everything I have ever been through helped me with my resilience – My accident taught me that I have just got to keep failing”

The shy girl taking risks, traveling and working around the world, working in loads of different contexts, really understanding and working with some brilliant people right through to overcoming a brain injury (and a horrific accident) and managing energy were all covered.

What an incredible and inspirational journey of highs and lows that is well worth a listen.

Emma shares some great strategies and tips that have helped her to be the positive, adventurous and fun loving person she is today!

Invest in yourself and take a listen as they may help you!

Here is how Emma would describe herself and what she does…

I am passionate about working with people in the outdoors, sports and arts. I have always worked in personal development, although the context has changed over the years from working for charities, lecturing at a University and working as a learning and development consultant. 

My passion to inspire and support people has taken me across the world, working in a board range of environments. This has taught me the importance of respecting different cultures, working in diverse environments and being open to different ways of working. 

I currently work as a contractor for International Triathlon Union as a facilitator, British Triathlon Federation, Premier League, Swim Smooth as well as managing my own business specialising in Coaching, mentoring and consulting. 


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Success Quote or saying:

  • I said yes to everything
  • How support individuals to take their right path
  • We often don’t appreciate what we have until it goes or we lose it. (or is taken from us!)
  • I now never take the small things for granted
  • Connected to those that loved me and connected to things that gave me energy
  • Facing into the things I needed to work on – breaking down to personal achievements
  • I looked beyond my future
  • Organisation enables me to be a free spirit
  • I always say YES to opportunities
  • Planning and free spirited are complimentary
  • Life is short and life is precious
  • Is the way we have always worked the right way – or it there potential for something different
  • Thoughts+ attitude and beliefs impact your behaviours
  • Language is really really important to connect with people
  • Learn from the past but don’t live there. Live in the present cos that all you have got – be present. Plan for the future but don’t live there either (courtesy of Grandad!)
  • Have rocks around you to support you



Quick fire questions:

The books that you would recommend are?

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind And Create A New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

The Magic of Metaphor: 77 stories for teachers, trainers & thinkers by Nick Owen

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker


How do I prepare to be the best version of myself…

When not stressed – need to be out in nature


In one sentence – What advice would you give to your teenage version of yourself?

Have confidence in yourself

I’m an ok. It is ok to be yourself.

Put my head up a bit more and be heard

Own who you are


Who has made a big impact on you?

My grandad  (it was his birthday today!!!) He was a Buddhist

Jane Senior (friend and mentor)

Chris Roberts



Whos’ Sport Story would you be really interested in hearing?

Sue Oldham (Held the record for eldest woman to swim the channel for many years)



Coaching questions I would like to pose:



What aspects of your life do you take for granted and how could you be more appreciative of them?



What are your energy ‘IN’ activities and what are your energy ‘OUT’ activities?  What is the balance of these and what do you need to do to ensure an even more positive balance?


Contact info:

Website: www.activeblu.co.uk

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-brunning-7363971b6/

Twitter: Emma Brunning @ActiveBlu 

Instagram: Active.Blu 

Facebook: Active Blu 

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