Exciting times are ahead

May 5, 2023

Exciting times are ahead! (so please read to the bottom!!)

I would really love for you to sign up for my new newsletter….. Click here and sign up now! The Power of 3 Newsletter 

I have been sitting with this idea for some time and have now decided the time is right to launch…..

So, here goes…. I am going to create and share some wisdom in a newsletter on a Wednesday about something I am interested in, and I know can and will help others…..

As you know – I am passionate about helping and supporting people to develop in their careers and life in general. I am keen to support people lead themselves as well as others!

I would regret NOT sharing my experience, information and thoughts gathered over many years….with others.

Also, I wish to make a bigger and wider difference across the world (more of this later in the year!!)

So, is this newsletter for me – I hear you ask? Will I get any value and benefit?  Have I got time to look at yet another email/newsletter or will it just clog up my email box?

Well, ask yourself…..

  • Am I keen ‘To Be My Real Self’ more often and with skill…and reap the benefits of this?
  • Am I curious to find out more about who I am as a person and leader…and lead brilliantly?
  • Am I wanting to progress in my career and life…?


If you say yes to these 3 questions, then this is the newsletter for you….. Click here and sign up now! The Power of 3 Newsletter  (What have you to lose!)

The weekly newsletter is called: The Power of 3 – Wednesday Wisdom For Leaders! 

You might have guessed it. The newsletter will be with you on a WEDNESDAY and will be based around the principle of providing 3 pieces of valuable content. 

There is a lot to be said for – The Power of 3!  (More about this later in the year as well!)

The content is brief, digestible, and actionable – what more would you want!! (Let me know!)

It will have….

  • An Activity To Do….
  • A Question For You
  • An Ideas to Consider


It will be useful for you, and for you to use and share with others….. and I might sneak in a few little bonus quotes and links!

Occasionally, I may also include….

  • Products to purchase that you may value
  • Online development programme and coaching special offers
  • Recommendations and access to special/free content

Now, I would love for you to benefit from the newsletter BUT did not want to assume that this is for you.   So thought I would ask!

So please,  here it is again the link to the newsletter so you can sign up – The Power of 3 Newsletter – sign up here

If you are unsure, then why not have a look over the coming month or so and make your decision from there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I do sincerely hope that you join me by subscribing to The Power of 3 Newsletter and engaging with the Wednesday Wisdom.  Who knows I may also see you on one of my Leadership, Coaching or Career development programmes at some time in the near future.

Any problems or questions then please just ask!

Have a good day

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