Gordon Lord – Internationally respected Developer of People

April 6, 2020

Suffering the yips, lacking in self-belief, exploring the ‘inner game’, working across sports, and ‘seeing people for who and what they could be rather than as they are’!


Gordon Lord – known to many as Lordy – is an internationally respected developer of people covers all these areas and more.

He started his career as a professional Cricketer. He built his reputation and knowledgebase whilst working for the England and Wales Cricket board developing coaches across the entire pathway. He is an exceptional people developer and has more recently worked in a variety of sports including Rugby Union, Tennis and Football. He now also uses his transferable skills and coaching insight and expertise in many business sectors.

He is a humble, engaging and inspiring individual that shares many stories and pearls of wisdom throughout the podcast. His thirst for learning and development is clear to see and he shares the learnings and those he has learnt from within this insightful and engaging discussion.

Lordy would want nothing more than to help inspire an individual to become the best person they can be. So, take some time for you and give this a listen!

I am confident that you will both enjoy what he has to say but as importantly you will take something from it. Some inspiration, some motivation or just the recommendation of a great book!

Enjoy…and please don’t forget to like, share and comment on the podcast. We are keen to know what you want and like so we can provide more of it.

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The Show Summary…

Success Quote:

Performance + Potential – Interference (P=p-i) By Tim Gallway (from the Inner Game series of books)

 Be yourself with more skill by Goffee and Jones

Some great books you might like to buy:

I’m OK you’re OK – Thomas Harris

Inner Game of Tennis – Tim Gallway

Why should anyone be led by you – Goffee and Jones

Relentless –Sam Mitchell

3 people who inspired Gordon

  • Chris Grant
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Pat Jennings

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