Kevin Sinfield MBE – Director of Rugby at Leeds Rhinos and marathon fundraiser for MND Association.

December 24, 2020

Kevin Sinfield needs little introduction. Captained Great Britain at RL, played both codes of Rugby, SPOTY runner up and most recently has raised a huge amount of money for the MND association in support of his close friend Rob Burrow who is suffering from this cruel disease. In his word this was “the best week of his life” – running 7 marathons in 7 days.

Kev the younger brother, best mate, team mate, retired player, the leader, the fundraiser and really importantly the father of the family shares some of his very own personal story in his usual humble, authentic, and determined way.

It is a must listen and you cannot fail to be both choked and inspired by what he has achieved and how he has achieved it!  Some how you know there is more to come!


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Key quotes or sayings:

A group of 4 or 5 blokes just helping a mate!

This is NOT sport – this is about people and their lives!

It is a DIFFERENT satisfaction from playing and winning medals and rings

I need to test myself – challenge myself – see what my body can do.

Have the courage just to go for it!

It’s clear – we all had a similar mindset and a common goal

Think of a team as the need of a full set of vitamins and minerals to perform at your best

Working is performance sport is demanding and often just a slog

Part of being in a team is giving a lot of yourself

Selfish nature of performance

Fine balance when being a player and leader to get things right

The importance of being able to read people

In the team environment – I never put myself before the team – NEVER!!

Importance of family holidays – especially as we come to a stage when you become un cool for your kids to want to join you.

Emotionally tough but we all got a glow about us

Until you are in that situation – you don’t appreciate – friendships matter so much

Quitting never ever entered my head…

The ‘big elephant in the room’ is the person. Lets not loose sight of them for the small percentage gains

People respond differently to different types of adversity

Dare to dream…

Coaching questions I would like to pose:


What are the key principles or values you live your life by?


Kev said Friendships matter so much: What are the quality and depth of your friendships? Who would do a 7 in 7 challenge for you and who would YOU do  a challenge for  and how would this enhance your friendship?


What has lockdown given you the time to do? What benefit have you taken from it?


If you dared yourself to DREAM…what would you dream?


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