Matt Craddock – Head of Coaching at Preston North End FC

April 13, 2020

‘Football is the vehicle; lighting my fire; how to build credibility; the importance of connection and having a purpose’

From the school team through to Head of Coaching at Preston North End, Matt shares his story about how he has navigated the ‘ladder of football’ and how football has played a huge part of his life.


He brings some perspective and reality to the world he works within and how he progressed and built credibility along the way as he didn’t have a professional playing background.

He shares his honest feelings and observations as well and many nuggets of information for players, coaches, parents and people aspiring for a career in sport.

Matt worked with a philosophy of ‘Lighting fires within himself as well as others’ and always saying yes.

Why not say ‘yes’ and take the time to listen – It may light a fire within you!

I am confident that you will both enjoy what he has to say but as importantly you will take something from it. Some inspiration, some motivation or just the recommendation of a great book!

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Show Notes:

Success Quote or saying:

Education is about ‘Lighting a fire not filling a well’

Say YES to everything

Books Matt would recommend:


Most useful and or valuable Technology you use:

  • Twitter
  • Hudl

Charity Matt would most likely support:

  • Diabetes UK
  • Cancer Research
  • Mental Health Charities such as Sport in Mind

What advice would you give to your teenage version of YOURSELF?

Get rid of the Mullett (haha!)

 Seriously….Say YES to everything, do it and do more!

3 people that have Impacted on me:

  • Derek Spence
  •  Justine Bromley (now works for Sport England)
  •  Michael Jolley (Football Manger)

The Questions that I would pose:

  • How do you help those around you to understand how they learn?
  • What have been your most powerful life experiences to date and how can they best serve you now?

Make contact with Matt:

Twitter – @MattyCraddock1


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