Natalie Henderson – Lead phase Coach at Newcastle United and England Woman U16’s Assistant Coach

April 20, 2020

Being a female coach in a predominantly male environment; being brave; facing adversity; developing players and their traditional values; the important role of parents; and asking the powerful question are all covered in this open, relaxed and insightful conversation with Natalie. There is something here for everyone!!!


Natalie started coaching when young and has worked hard, faced elements of adversity and challenge, learnt from every opportunity and has had some amazing experiences.  Her approach to her own development has led her to become an integral member of Category 1 Academy coaching team, she has been recognised by the Premier League and also has a role as the England Woman’s U16 assistant coach. For a relatively young coach her CV is really impressive. It reads as follows:

Currently Lead Phase U13/U14 Coach @ NUFC Academy & England Women’s U16 Assistant Technical Coach. As it stands, the only YDP Lead female coach within a Men’s Premier League Academy. UEFA A Licence & Advanced Youth Award as well as BA (Hons) in Sports Development & Coaching & the Premier Leagues ECAS Coaching Degree. Aspirations to be a Head Coach @ Senior Level in either the Male or Female game. 

Natalie is warm, articulate and ambitious. She is a walking example of ‘you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it’ and gives some invaluable tips and advice based on her experience and knowledge.

I am biased, but this is a must listen to Podcast. It offers hope and inspiration to all those interested in making the most of what they do and who they are.

I am confident that you will both enjoy what she has to say but as importantly you will take something from it. Some inspiration, some motivation or just the recommendation of a great book!

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Show Notes:

Success Quote or saying: (Max 2)

“There is always somebody out there working harder than you”

 “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”

Quick fire questions:

Books that you would recommend?


Most useful and or valuable Technology you use (apps, equipment etc…)?

  • My Mac Book  (anything Apple)
  •  Head Space Meditation App
  •  Academy Soccer Coach


How do you relax and re energise yourself to enable you to perform at your best?

  • Exercise 
  • Meditation  (I am now a believer)

In one sentence – What advice would you give to your teenage version of YOURSELF considering a career in sport…?

“Believe in yourself, never stop learning – ever, and don’t let anybody tell you, that you can’t do anything” 

 3 people that have Impacted on me. (amongst many…)

  • Parents
  • Coaches I have worked with
  • Myself – I’ve got to steer myself!


Whos’ Sport Story would you be really interested in hearing?

  • John McDermott – Academy Manger at Tottenham
  • Beyonce  (Not sport but the ‘Queen’)


How to make contact with you: 


Natalie Henderson






Coaching Questions based on reflections from the Conversation

  1. What is the big question you need to ask yourself and others that may help you progress?
  2. What are you fearful of, and what is stopping you from being ‘brave’ in your career and life?



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