Paul Smith – (2/5) Ex professional cricketer & England 6s World record holder now Writer, Author, Speaker

May 4, 2020

Preparing for competition; the highs and lows; getting your mindset right; being curious;  failing in order to work out how to win; importance of a clear purpose and outcome; showing you care; the need for character or characters and playing alongside Gladstone Small, Brian Lara and Dermot Reeve are all touched on within this fantastic conversation.


As always Paul is open, honest and insightful in what he shares. His desire to now help others is noticeable in what he shares and how he shares it.  

Paul mentioned a phrase he likes very much..”It’s what is within NOT the packaging”

This conversation most definitely gives you an insight into what is within Paul. He highlights what he has learned about himself along the way, why he did what he did, what is now important to him and articulates some of his key thoughts and feelings.

This is the second of five conversations. So, to find out more of what is within Paul, please look out for the follow on conversations over the coming months. There are many gems and he will make you think about your self and cricket!

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Show Notes:


‘It’s what is within NOT the packaging’

Recommended Book:

Wasted by Paul Smith


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