Paul Smith – Former Professional Cricketer and now Author

August 3, 2020

Paul Smith was yet again an insightful, challenging and thought-provoking guest touching in the the subject of Mental health and the following connected issues…


Mental Health in Sport and in Cricket; Dealing with identity; Suicide; The value of talking about your issues and challenges; Post traumatic stress: Understanding the mental health trigger points and much much more.


Paul also provides some fantastic strategies for how to work with mental well being including the recommendation to simply TALK MORE!!!


It is  great listen!


Below are two organisations that provide Mental health and well being support

Professional Cricketers Association –

Samaritans –


Coaching questions I would like to pose:


Who do you talk to when you are not feeling great?


What are the signals you notice in those around you when they may require somebody to talk to as their mental well being is not good?


Contact info:

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