Sarah Green – Performance Coach Developer and Football Coach

April 26, 2021

An amazingly heartfelt, open and honest insight into what it was like for Sarah developing her career in sport. Really enjoying school and seeing it as a safe and happy place, through being a women in a predominantly male football environment and then making some huge decisions to leave the FA and join another sport (netball) as a Performance Coach Developer.

She is truly a ‘learner’ and you can see why she now does what she does and in the way she does it.  Her openness, self awareness and vulnerability is a pleasure to engage with and there are no shortages of take aways, tips and advice from listening in.

Sarah’s desire to help others develop shines through and she shares a number of great pieces of advice as well as some fantastic book recommendations for all those aspiring to maximise their impact and be as ‘true’ to themselves as possible


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Success quotes or sayings:

Behaviour is a result of something – so try understand the ‘something’

The connection she made between her personal journey and how it has informed and influenced her thinking and view of the world

I just wanted to be remembered for being a nice person

Just go to the interview and see if it is a place YOU want to work.

In the interview I told myself ‘just to be me’

If they don’t want me it’s not a reflection on me – it just I am not want they wanted

I didn’t need to be that ‘purposeful disagreer’ to ‘stand out’ – just be me

A question that I was asked and stayed with me – ‘How do you maintain a positive self image’

Ask yourself – Do you believe you can do this job and do it really well

We spoke as manager to support each other to be the best we could be

I needed to leave and go and be the Sarah Green I know I am now – and be see for this. And also start again and have an impact in a different space

I needed to lose he element of my job title that I believed made people want to listen to me – I am Sarah Green

I didn’t give myself enough time to grieve for what I had lost/left behind – the routine

I had a break building schools in Kenya

As a young coach and leader I was told what I should do and as a consequence I lost who I was

It is really important for me to acknowledge when I am happy, sad, frustrated etc…

Understanding peoples motivations and being attuned to what makes them happy, sad,  etc….

You can do anything you set your mind to Sarah

Being ok at times with not having a goal was important to me.

Be careful of chasing things forward and just be present.

Be ok with who you are and enjoy the moment


Quick fire questions:

The books that you would recommend are?

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

The Heat of the Moment: Life and Death Decision-Making From a Firefighter by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

How do I prepare to be the best version of myself…

Mute WhatsApp groups

Phone on do not disturb

No generic notifications on my phone

Being outside

Taken up running

Ensuring I have clear boundaries and good rest


In one sentence – What advice would you give to your teenage version of yourself?

Feel better about being yourself

I wish I could have been braver sooner


Whos’ Sport Story would you be really interested in hearing?

Gareth Southgate

Jess Thirlby



Coaching questions I would like to pose:


How does your job title help or hinder you, and who you think or believe you are?


What are your really proud of doing or saying in the last few years and why? What does this say about you and what does it give you?


Contact info:

Twitter – @SGreen_1

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