November 1, 2021


In my mind this is a hugely important aspect of having productive and purposeful relationships in whatever you do. I am meeting new people and observing and supporting others in their development this week and therefore have taken time to reflect on the importance of Empathy.

I am also conscious you may be wondering why I am sharing these Sport Stories Snap Shots. Take a listen as I share some of my thinking and hopefully over the coming weeks you will gain further insight and value too.

❓How good is your Empathy?
❓What do you do to build your ’empathy’ muscle👀?
❓Can you think of and share when using your empathy has really benefitted you – and also when you have not show empathy and it hindered you?

🎧Listen to further podcasts and SNAP SHOTS from Sport Stories –

Please also drop me a line if you would value exploring where you are at in terms of your empathy and how you could further develop it!
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