October 21, 2021


I have been fortunate to have had 2 great conversations with coaching clients today, and the underlying theme was OWNERSHIP.

OWNERSHIP of thoughts, behaviours, actions, decisions and attitudes. 

I have reflected on my own practice and recognise this to be an integral part of what I do every day – or at least consider!

  • How much ownership of your actions, decisions, behaviours, attitudes etc… do you take?
  • What underpins your relationship with ‘taking ownership’?
  • What part has your origin story played in your relationship to ‘taking ownership’?
  • Do you only take ownership when things go right, or wrong, or both?

Some big questions…..

Take some time to consider what taking ownership of everything you do would mean? What would this mean for the decisions you take and the choices you take? 

I would love to hear your views. Share them with the wider community!  Take OMNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY!

Or just drop me a line and or follow me for more SNAP SHOTS or thought provoking questions.

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My Leadership Coaching and Online Programme may help you or friends/colleagues with taking Ownership.  Happy to chat this through more….
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