December 23, 2021



More Importantly ” I see you as you are”

This is a common greeting in the #Zulu tribe in South Africa.

Sawubona symbolizes the importance of directing our attention to another person.

‘I see you’ has proved to be a very useful underpinning principle to the work I do as a developer of people.

You may like to consider…

❓How do you help ‘others see you’?
❓How do you best ‘Really see others’?
❓How could you develop and bring to life the principle of ‘I see You’ in the role you play to benefit you and others?

I want to take this opportunity to THANK all my past and current clients, colleagues and coachees for the work we have done together.

I am looking forward to continuing the great work, forging new partnerships and making a difference in the year ahead!

I SEE YOU (as best I can!) and I hope that you see me!!!👀👍👏😀

As always – drop me a line below to share your stories or contact me via the Sport Stories website.

Have a listen to the many Podcasts and Snap Shots I have shared. (You will definitely see and hear more form me!)

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