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March 13, 2024

The Power of 3

Your Wednesday Wisdom!

13 March 2024

An Activity To Do / A Question To Consider / An Idea To Ponder

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1 Activity To Do

Every day this week…


Really notice how inquisitive you can be.


Be curious and ask at least 3 great open questions each day this week. Seek to truly understand things that matter to you.


As always, capture your reflection and consider the manner in which you asked the questions. Notice how they were received.


(My youngest son has been the inspiration for this activity. He has been in hospital this week and asked some brilliant questions to truly understand about things that mattered to him and his body having had an operation. Amazing curiosity!)


1 Question For You

Each day this week ask yourself…


What can I do today that will simplify my life and focus on what truly matters, letting go of unnecessary clutter and distractions?


Follow on by asking ” What is on my NOT-to-do list”


Take time to consider the questions and take action if you really want to reap the rewards. Capture your reflections as this will really help.


(I have had many reflective experiences this week to prompt thoughts related to ‘getting rid’ of the unwanted. Thanks also to Abby C for her commitment and insights)


1 Idea To Consider

Aristotle, in his work “Rhetoric,” discusses the use of metaphors and analogies as persuasive devices.

He emphasises their ability to clarify complex ideas and make them more relatable to the audience.

Consider which analogies you choose and how they shape your understanding, and in turn, influence the choices you make on the path to growth and self-discovery.

3 analogies I often refer to are:

  • Learning is like building a puzzle
  • Life is like a tree
  • Being a leader is like conducting an orchestra



Quote of The Week

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”



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Enjoy the rest of your week!!



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